Synergy Sales Group is a company inspired to make a difference in your business.  Our goal is to make your company more productive, more efficient and more attractive to your consumer with an all around better value!

Synergy Sales Group Inc. is the North American Source for Akfix Adhesives, Sealants, Foams, Aerosols, Coatings and more.. Synergy provides Quality Adhesives, Quality Sealants, Low Expansion Spray Foam, PU Adhesive Glue, Wood Glue, Construction Adhesives, Lubricant & Caulk, across Canada and United States!

Regardless of the job you are working on, Synergy has built a product offering for almost any new construction, renovation, woodworking, window and door, and automotive application. 


WE WANT to help you find a solution...a Permanent Solution!